February 2020

For the month we celebrate love I want to share a plant story.  When I was in third grade, during a holiday gift exchange, I received a small Christmas cactus.  It was really just a start and only 2-3 inches tall.  With my Mom teaching me how to care for this tiny plant, it grew and grew and over the years we moved it into bigger pots many times and propagated it making many other baby plants.  I still have this original mother plant, now 48 years later.  My Mom had one of the children.  After her passing last August, my Dad desiring to decrease the number of plant needing care at his home, gave me my Mom’s Christmas cactus.  So mother and daughter plants have been reunited!  The daughter (pictured above) is now finishing her bloom while the mother is getting ready to bloom.   They both are reminders to me that all relationships (even between human and plant) need to be tended with loving care.  I miss my Mom everyday, but I love these simple reminders, that her love that she shared with me is still growing in so many ways.

How are you tending the relationships in your life?  Your yoga practice is a wonderful place to cultivate and nurture your relationship with yourself.  When we practice self-care and tend our own spiritual heart centers, we have more loving energy to engage in our other relationships.  I hope to see you on the mat soon!