January 2019

Photo – An ‘oldie but goodie’ from 2015! Christine and Denise courageously finding steadiness in a double pincha mayurasana.

The beloved poet Mary Oliver died on January 17. I was introduced to Mary Oliver’s wise words through the studio’s previous owner Allison and Mary Oliver’s description of the natural world has been a wonderful inspiration and complement to many of my yoga classes over the years. Her beautiful words will continue to live on! For this month of February where we celebrate Love, please enjoy her prose:

Of Love

“I have been in love more times than one,
thank the Lord. Sometimes it was lasting
whether active or not. Sometimes
it was all but ephemeral, maybe only
an afternoon, but not less real for that.
They stay in my mind, these beautiful people,
or anyway beautiful people to me, of which
there are so many. You, and you, and you,
whom I had the fortune to meet, or maybe
missed. Love, love, love, it was the
core of my life, from which, of course, comes
the word for the heart. And, oh, have I mentioned
that some of them were men and some were women
and some—now carry my revelation with you—
were trees. Or places. Or music flying above
the names of their makers. Or clouds, or the sun
which was the first, and the best, the most
loyal for certain, who looked so faithfully into
my eyes, every morning. So I imagine
such love of the world—its fervency, its shining, its
innocence and hunger to give of itself—I imagine
this is how it began.”
from Mary Oliver’s Red Bird Collection

Let’s all spread some love this month and check out our Sweetheart Yoga Class on February 14th! Invite someone you love (friends are welcome too) for a fun evening – details are below.