Amie Turner

Amie stumbled into her first yoga class in 2013, while at the start of her second year in college. Amie believes yoga always finds a person right at the perfect time, and this couldn’t be any more true for her case. Having began yoga at this pivotal point in early adulthood, Amie was able to keep her yoga practice the center and most important factor in everything she did from there on out. She completed her first 200-Hour yoga training in 2015 and began teaching vinyasa yoga classes in her hometown of Evansville, IN. After flirting with a few styles of yoga since then, Amie found her home within the ashtanga yoga tradition. She completed her second 200-Hour training based in this style in 2016 from the Miami Life Center in Miami, FL. Shortly after, she moved to Louisville with her husband in order to learn this practice further with an authorized teacher. Soon after moving to Louisville, Amie and her husband had a baby boy and the birth of her boy moved Amie to want to teach prenatal yoga. She completed her prenatal yoga training in 2018 and is currently working toward certification. Amie continues to practice ashtanga yoga daily with her teacher at Yoga East. She also enjoys learning traditional hatha yoga as well as new styles and classes from various teachers around Louisville. Amie knows there is an endless amount of yoga to be learned (many lifetimes worth) and considers herself to always be a student of the practice first. She enjoys teaching prenatal yoga to new moms at Infinite Bliss, as well as hatha and vinyasa yoga classes around Louisville. She is currently working toward her 500-Hour yoga teaching certification and is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher.