Lizzy Burkey

Lizzy is a Louisville native, and found yoga at Infinite Bliss with her mom in 2015. Both she and her mom fell in love with the Anusara style of yoga, as well as the Infinite Bliss community. As a lifetime athlete, Lizzy found that practicing yoga helped the body physically, not just in flexibility and strength, but also with learning proper alignment to assist the healing of past injuries and prevention of future ones.

Lizzy was inspired to complete the Anusara teacher training in 2019 – 2021 after also falling in love with the mental benefits of yoga. Through the philosophy the Anusara style of yoga is taught from, she believes that yoga can teach us to learn more about our authentic self by practicing the ability to look inward, thus allowing us to live authentically as the person we aim to be in life.

She teaches her evening All Levels classes with this idea in mind, and strives to hold meaningful, inclusive classes where students can part with tools to use on and off of the yoga mat.

Other interests of Lizzy’s include riding motorcycles with her boyfriend, Adam, cooking, drawing and painting, anything having to do with sharks, flowers and succulents, and spending time in the sun (especially on a beach).