Sarah Easton

Sarah has been practicing yoga for over ten years because it has always made her feel good; she took a deeper dive into the whys of that in 200 YTT and completed her certification in 2022.  In her classes, Sarah often likes to utilize twist asanas to aid in wringing out the body’s fascia and bring fresh blood to the system. 

As an educator for the past seventeen years Sarah has worn a few different hats:  her work with kids and their families as a kindergarten teacher, a librarian at the LFPL,  and an English as a Second Language Instructor has helped her to remember to bring a spirit of playful curiosity into yoga class.  She currently teaches mom and babes yoga, kids and preteens yoga, gentle restorative yoga, and chair yoga.  

Sarah’s hope is that yoga will help people feel strong and grounded on Mother Earth; she desires to move toward peace and connection through yoga practice on the mat, so that it can more easily be found in other places in our lives too.