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May 2024

How Does Your Yoga Grow?


I finished out Earth Day/Week by camping and hiking with my daughter Rachel and long-time yoga friend/IB student Lenore and her daughter Temi.

Rachel has been a part of Infinite Bliss yoga from the time I became the owner in July 2011.  Her beautiful artwork graces the walls with the invocation and various paintings and every IB shirt since 2011 has been designed by her!  She also lends her navigating hiking skills on many of my yoga retreats.  Her yoga practice has supported her through a college art degree and a civil engineering degree to a full-time engineering job.  Now she attends weekly classes with her husband Darren.

Lenore has been attending weekly classes at IB since the fall of 2005 and has been on almost all of my yoga retreats and has been a great support to me.  Temi was born in 2009 and has literally grown up at the studio.  She attended baby yoga classes, kid’s yoga classes and is now attending the Basics 8 week Series and is completing her freshman year in high school!

I took my very first yoga class in January of 2006 at IB and completed my Anusara Teacher Training at IB and started teaching in 2008.  My yoga practice guided me to change careers and become the studio owner and has supported me throughout the years.

 How does your yoga grow?

How have you grown with your yoga?

Spend a bit of time contemplating your yoga practice and see how gratitude fills your Heart.  

I will see you on the mat soon!