We do not offer refunds or exchanges once you schedule a class or event; but you may register until 15 minutes prior to any class or event.

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The Retail Shop is Open!

The retail shop is fully stocked with lots of yoga products (Manduka mats, yoga mat backpacks and mat bag, blocks, straps, bolsters, Yoga Tune Up massage balls in three sizes and all of our Infinite Bliss t-shirts designed by local artist Rachel (and daughter of Denise).  Rachel also has a table with her artwork.  We sell Gift Certificates at the studio and also on our Scheduling Page

Please give Santa your wish list or give the gift of yoga to a loved one and support a small local business!


Infinite Bliss Holiday Party
Saturday, December 3
Potluck/Open House
6 – 8 pm

Make Infinite Bliss Yoga a stop on your Bardstown Road Aglow evening or just come celebrate with your yoga friends.  Bring a dish to share and your favorite beverage. We will have gift certificates and yoga retail for purchase.  Come enter your name into a raffle for an Infinite Bliss t-shirt!

Kids Yoga for ALL Ages! 
with Denise
Sunday, December 4
2 – 3:00 pm
For all kids toddlers thru elementary age

Join Denise before school begins for a fun-filled yoga class designed with kids in mind!  All kids welcome and parents can practice too.

Register your child for Kids Yoga


Jeremy Arndt & Nancy Return!
Sound Journey & Sound Bath
Thursday, December 8 
6 – 8 pm
15 spaces

Come celebrate 10 years of leading Sound Journeys worldwide with us!

Nurture yourself and experience deep relaxation as Jeremy and Nancy create a unique and immersive soundscape.   The soothing resonance of the handpan, didgeridoo, multiple gongs, crystal singing bowls and more will induce complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation; cultivating a deep sense of calm and inner peace. Your physical body will rest in a comfortable and supported savasana as you are bathed by a sea of sound. Each experience is created and offered with love and intention for healing and relaxation.

The class will feature Denise leading 1 hour of yoga asana accompanied by live music, followed by a 1 hour Sound Bath.

All are welcome, no prior experience with yoga or meditation necessary.

Register for the Thursday, December 8, Sound Journey & Sound Bath, 6 – 8 pm

Settle Into Stillness unites the healing power of deep relaxation with sacred sound. Settle Into Stillness was founded by Jeremy Arndt and Nancy Grzeszak, who met in 2011 and began traveling around the world together, sharing their passions of yoga and music through their Sound Journey events. Settle Into Stillness combines different world music instrumentation such as the handpan and didgeridoo with elements of gong baths and crystal singing bowls, creating an offering that remains entirely unique amongst today’s mindfulness-based musical offerings.

Jeremy and Nancy are both dedicated yoga students and teachers, living in service of inspiring others to live from their hearts and follow their dreams. In addition to their Sound Journeys, they lead their Conscious Living Retreats worldwide. Past retreats include Bali, Indonesia in 2016 and 2018, Lesvos, Greece in 2017, and Morocco in 2019.

Spotify playlist of Jeremy’s Music for Yoga, Meditation, and Relaxation


Instagram – @SettleIntoStillness

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Candlelight Winter Solstice Celebration
with Denise

Wednesday, December 21
6 – 7:30 pm; slow flow with Denise
$25 (in-person & virtual)

The Winter Solstice officially begins the first day of winter and marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  Surrender to your dreaming and celebrate the dark where your inner life is nurtured.  Re-kindle your inner light with this special candlelight slow flow class which will include soothing music, pranayama, meditation, and a luxurious savasana.

Register for the in-person Wednesday, Dec. 21, Candlelight Winter Solstice Celebration.

Register for the virtual Wednesday, Dec. 21, Candlelight Winter Solstice Celebration.


New Year’s Day Classes!
Sunday, January 1
11 am – all levels class with Denise
1:30 pm– gentle class with Denise
In-person & virtual; Regular class fees apply

Start the New Year with a special practice of aligning your intentions with your Heart.  

Both classes will include intention setting and meditation.  Class cards may be used for this Special Day!

Register for In-Person New Year’s Day 11 am all levels class

Register for Virtual New Year’s Day 11 am virtual class

Register for In-Person New Year’s Day 1:30 pm gentle class

Register for Virtual New Year’s Day 1:30 pm gentle class

Yoga Nidra Meditation
with Denise
Sunday, January 15
3 – 4:30 pm
$20 (both in-person & virtual)

As we settle into stillness, January’s meditation will cultivate peacefulness.

Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep.” It is a comprehensive practice for going far beyond deep relaxation to a place of natural peace and quiet that is tremendously healing for the body, mind, and spirit.  In this highly regenerative meditative state you can restore and rejuvenate your body, heal and recover from illness, and re-wire your brain for greater mental and emotional balance and resiliency.

Suitable for ALL levels. We will begin with a few very simple stretching exercises to become aware of our physical bodies before we become comfortable (using props as needed) in a supine position for the guided meditation.

Register for In-Person Yoga Nidra Meditation

Register for Virtual Yoga Nidra Meditation


Reserve Your Space Today!
Roll With It – A Yoga Tune Up® Ball Workshop
with Denise – Upper Body Focus
Saturday, January 21
2:30 – 5 pm
$50 (includes your choice of the original YTU balls in tote, Alpha YTU ball, or Coregeous ball)
15 spaces in-person

We will have a ‘Social Hour’ at the studio afterwards – bring an appetizer to share and your favorite beverage.

Do you ever have upper back soreness, achy shoulders, neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, achy thumbs, wrist/elbow pain, etc.?  This workshop is for you!

This is a self-maintenance practice for everyone that also complements your yoga practice.  Think of this therapeutic workshop as your “self-care laboratory”. We will explore the soft-tissue scaffolding that links everything inside of you together. Fascia is the living seam system that threads your tissues to one another. This workshop combines elements of yoga, alignment-based movement and self-massage using Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls to unlock fascial restrictions and improve your ability to sense the position, location, orientation, and movement of your body and its parts. The balls work swiftly to refresh and empower your body’s own self-healing nature and help you to identify and strengthen “body blind spots” – areas of your body that are overused, underused, misused or abused and are potential catalysts for pain and energy. From beginner level to experienced, this workshop leaves you feeling balanced, inspired and living better in your own body!

Register for the Roll With It Workshop, Saturday, January 19, 2:30 – 5 pm


Beginner Basics Series 2022
8 weeks for $99 (special pricing for students new to series)

Sundays 12 – 1:15 pm:
Current Series:  October 16 – December 4
Next Series:  January 8 – February 26
You will have an in-person space reserved for you each Sunday, but you can switch to the virtual option on Sunday OR in-person/virtual on Wednesday at 6 pm.
Register for the Sunday Basics Series.

Wednesdays 6 – 7:15 pm:
Current Series:  October 19 – December 7
Next Series:  January 11 – March 1
You will have an in-person space reserved for you each Wednesday, but you can switch to the virtual option on Wednesday OR in-person/virtual on Sunday at Noon.
Register for the Wednesdays Basics Series.

** Please Note: Basics Classes will continue in December Sundays at Noon and Wednesdays at 6 pm through the end of the year (both in-person & virtual).  Register as a single class purchase or use a regular class card.**

Join Denise and give a gift to a loved one or yourself to feel better from the inside out and support a small local business! The basics series is perfect for beginners or anyone desiring to review or learn about the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment.  You are welcome to attend single basics classes at anytime (register as a single class purchase or use a regular class card).



Community Yoga Classes Are Back!
Held off-site at St. John Paul II Parish
Tuesdays; Bring $10 (cash only) + Yoga Mat & Block
4:30 – 5:30 pm – chair yoga
6 – 7:00 pm – gentle all levels yoga

Join Denise for the return of these community yoga classes in Room A of the Parish Life Center at St. John Paul II Parish; 3521 Goldsmith Lane; Louisville, KY 40220.  Please note – this is a new location.  Movement is Medicine!

Reserve your in-person space with the links below:

Register for the 4:30 pm chair yoga class

Register for the 6 pm gentle all levels yoga class

For questions, call 502.509.7755 or email denise@infiniteblissyoga.org.


Private Lessons with Denise

Interested in some one-on-one help or a special small group private yoga class?

Consider reserving a private yoga session at the studio with Denise!

We can focus on your alignment challenges, particular poses, or a sequence.  Sessions can be booked for 1/2 hour or 1 hour.  Book 4 sessions and receive $20 off.   Call Denise to schedule the date and time of your private lesson at 502-509-7755 (links below only purchase the lesson).

Register for 1 hour private lesson with Denise

Register for 1/2 hour private lesson with Denise


*There are no refunds, credits, or extensions on class card purchases, workshops, special events, or trainings.