Perfect for the beginner or anyone desiring a slow and informative alignment-based class. We cover the five Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment sequentially in an 8 week series.

All Levels

For students of all levels who are ready to experience a more fast-paced, flowing class with a few more challenging poses.

Intermediate / Advanced

A 1.75 hour practice – for those who have a consistent practice and are ready for a challenge.  In this class, we break down the challenging poses into the basic alignment principles for an in-depth exploration.

Chair Yoga

In Chair Yoga, we include many different seated postures and stretches to improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility. We also stand using the chair as a prop so that we can work on balance and muscle strengthening. This class is designed for anyone but is also appropriate for those with Osteoporosis.  Movement is Medicine!

Therapeutic + Gentle

Gentle for those dealing with chronic pain/stiffness, osteoporosis, or acute injuries and for those desiring a slow/gentle practice- come learn how Anusara yoga can help you heal and feel better.

Therapeutic Massage Ball Rolling

In this class, we utilize Yoga Tune Up massage balls to roll out fascia, tight muscles, and stress-holding zones for a full body tune-up.  We also call this class Spa Yoga!