If this is your first experience to yoga…WELCOME! Please familiarize yourself with the information below, and reach out to us at info@infiniteblissyoga.org.  We have parking in the lot directly behind our building (enter off of Eastern Parkway).

What to Wear

New students should wear comfortable, easy-to-move-in clothing. Some people prefer loose-fitting clothes and others prefer tight, spandex-blend clothing. No shoes or socks are worn in class.


Please be on time. Arriving a few minutes early to class gives you the opportunity to meditate or stretch and prepare yourself for your class. Speak softly out of respect to all those in the center. If you arrive late, please wait to enter the asana room until after meditation/chanting. The teacher will help you find a space. If you must leave early, do so before savasana so as not to disturb your fellow students.

Please sign in every time. Please make this a part of your practice. Print in legibly as to ensure that we get an accurate count of all students. This is how your teacher is paid.

Remove your shoes upon entering Infinite Bliss Yoga as a way of respecting the ancient tradition of the East and to provide a clean environment in which to practice.

Inform your teacher about any injuries before class begins. This is the only way for the teacher to know how to adjust you and give modifications.

Pay attention to the teacher’s instruction. Your teachers have trained extensively. They are not just leading you through a routine. They will give adjustments and assists based on what is going on in the class that day.

You should not come to class with a full stomach, but it is also recommended that you not come to class hungry. A full stomach will be uncomfortable, especially during twists. A growling stomach is distracting (to you), and many of the postures require you to be focused and strong. Also, try not to drink much water during class. This will maintain the internal heat of your body as well as keep the asana room clear of bottles. Drink plenty of room temperature water after class.

Attend only the level of class recommended. To honor everyone’s path in yoga we ask that you only attend an advanced class if you have an on-going, consistent practice or by permission of the teacher. Although we appreciate your desire to progress, it can be dangerous to yourself and your fellow students. Please respect your guests as well. If they are new to yoga, take them to a basics/level one class. It will be good for both of you.

Cleanliness is divine. Respect your body temple and those around you. Not everyone believes in that “natural scent”. This includes your yoga mat. Wash them regularly with hot -but not soapy- water. A little Tea Tree Oil diluted is a perfect anti-bacterial solution for your mat. Also, refrain from wearing any perfume or fragrance to class.

Leave all cell phones outside of asana room. We understand that there are times in which you need to be available, in this case please speak to your teacher and they will gladly assist you. Respect for everyone at Infinite Bliss Yoga is our wish.