April 2023

Spring has sprung even though the temperatures have been in a wild pulsation up and down.  Check out the welcome spring photos from March.  Pippin has been getting muddy hiking and Cooper is OUT and EATING my yard and pansies!  We had a slow flow restoring class serenaded by the soothing ethereal sounds of Jeremy Arndt.

Spanda is the Sanskrit word which describes the sacred tremor of the Spirit that is everywhere.  Spanda is a pulsation, movement, motion or vibration and comes from the root word spadi with means ‘to move a little’.  Examples of spanda include the contraction & expansion of a muscle in asana, the up & down of the temperatures, the vibrations of music as pitch changes high & low – the list goes on and on.

The warming temperatures and longer hours of sun offers us a multitude of activities and ways to experience spanda outside. But as you venture outside, make sure you also take time to venture inside to tend your Heart and reunite with the sacred tremor of the Spirit moving as you on the mat.